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Featured Speakers
Dr. Gershom Sikaala
As an International Speaker, Dr. Sikaala has had the unique opportunity to speak on every continent of the world to a wide range of audiences and as the son of a Politician Ambassador, he has met with several world leaders. He has also lectured at several Universities, including the University of the Nations in the United States, Canada and New Zealand and spoke at John Maxwell's conferences. He founded the Mastery Class in LA for Leaders.
Stacey Campbell
Stacey Campbell has a strong prophetic mentorship and ministry and many have been empowered in their own prophetic gifts to catalyze revival & transformation in the workplace & their own sphere of influence!
Diane Arnold
Diane's primary practice focus is marriage, family and relationship issues. Additional areas of training include parenting, personal development, life transitions, anger management, depression, grief, anxiety/stress, trauma and spiritual growth. She strives to provide Biblically-based counseling that addresses the heart of issues -- not just the symptoms. When working with her clients, Diane understands the importance of encompassing all aspects of a person in their healing process. This can often include current life circumstances as well as person's spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.

Featured Speakers

Theresa Gregory
Theresa Gregory is a philanthropist and global entrepreneur with over 45 years of experience in the direct sales and networking marketing industry. She has built multiple organizations of 500,000+ people in over 100 countries and serves as a catalyst to international businesses by helping them grow from millions to billions. Her humble, hands-on and simple approach to business has taken her from the jungles of Africa to Presidential offices. Her mission is to Touch Nations and Change lives.
The time to enter your breakthrough is NOW!
Neal E. Arnold
CEO and President Sunflower Bank
Neal currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Sunflower Bank headquartered in Denver, CO. Sunflower Bank is a multi-billion dollar, a privately-held bank with 60 offices in CO, KS, NM, AZ, and TX. Neal has held leadership roles in the banking industry for 30+ years. He was the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Fifth Third Bank based in Cincinnati, OH, which was a $110 billion banking organization. He has significant experience implementing growth initiatives across all business lines and has led over 35 mergers and acquisitions during his career. He enjoys working to build leadership teams, instilling the passion and discipline to improve profitability, grow revenues and build significant shareholder wealth.
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